Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Recent Graduates

Recent Graduates/Career Opportunities

Class of 2015/16

It does not seem possible that the year went by so fast, but once again July was all about the Exhibition to showcase this year’s graduates and was a great tribute to the students hard work and talent.

The professions response to the work was very enthusiastic with judges finding it difficult to choose one winner from the talent on display so well done one and all.

Recent Interior Design graduates are settling into their new lives as professional designers with work from Juliette Byrne, Abbie de Bunsen, Douglas Mackie, Fiona Barrett, Finchatton, Harrods, Helen Green Design, Spencer-Churchill Designs, Staffan Tollgård and Studio Suss.

Garden Design graduates join the profession setting up their own business as fledgling designers as far afield as South Korea.  Others are joining Marcus Barnett’s Studio, Anthony Paul and Eric Dhont.

Inchbald was founded to educate the aspiring designer, with professionalism firmly in its sights and part of the legacy of the School will always be its commitment to that professionalism allied to the development of the creative individual.

Inchbald owes thanks to many professionals who teach and lecture with us. Special thanks to Susie Rumbold, Broosk Saib, Annie Stevens, Staffan Tollgård, Guy Greenfield, Adam Gilchrist, Anthony Paul, Angus Thompson, Marcus Barnett, Andy Sturgeon, Charlotte Rowe, Jo Thompson, Tom Stuart Smith and David Dodd of the Outdoor Room.

All at Inchbald wish you every success in the future, make sure you join the alumni association and keep us informed of your progress and how we can help you advance.


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