Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018


Among House & Garden’s recently published list of Leading Interior Designers, fifteen are Inchbald graduates:- Monika Apponyi, Susie Atkinson, Nina Campbell, Nicky Dobree, Mark Gillette, Christophe Gollut, Helen Green, Kelly Hoppen, Louise Jones, John McCall, Hugh Henry, Stephen Ryan, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Staffan Tollgård and Rose Uniacke.

One can only assume that when or if House & Garden publish a list of Leading Garden Designers the following luminary Inchbald graduates will be on it: Luciano Giubillei, Haruko Seki, James Holderness and many more.

Class of 2013/14

Inchbald was founded to provide professional education for aspiring designers, and our educational levels are such that graduates are very much sought after; the majority of recent graduates are in work already and there are plenty of jobs in the pipeline.

Congratulations on their success must go to all the students of the Class of 2013/14.

Of our interior design graduates, Harry Helsby has gone to work for Wilben, a partnership which includes ex-student William Samuels, and Annie Ebenston has gone to Roundhouse, a bespoke kitchen and furniture company. Liberty Patton is at Harrods and also working with graduate Laura Massey, and Sophie Snoxall has gone to Lambart & Browne. Several students are working on private commissions, among them Hermione Russell, whilst Yukie Yokoyama is now included in Staffan Tollgård’s brilliant team. MA students success includes Sam Wong working at Zaha Hadid and Angela Chen now at Staffan Tollgård.

Our graduates from garden design are also busy: Rachel Hutson has set up her own studio and has already completed a commission for Staffan Tollgård . Sarah Houser, having completed some experience with Charlotte Rowe has just started to work full time with Marcus Barnett. Graham Lloyd-Brunt, whose own garden was recently photographed by the renowned Marianne Majerus, is working on several private commissions and we are delighted to welcome Liz Rawlinson as a new member of our studio team after experience with Anthony Paul. Jonathan Harvey Rogers is working for Cameron Garden Design. Lorien Hall has returned to America to launch her own practice.

Advice about professional appointments is given to students from the very beginning of the Interior Design programmes, through the support and experience of the teaching staff and also through advice from the leading working designers who lecture to the student body throughout the academic year. Prominent design houses lodge details of job opportunities with the Directors and School Secretary and the close relationships between the Inchbald, the graduates and important design studios ensures the success rate for which the School is famous.

Meanwhile, the close bonds between the School and its alumni continues to offer support, advice and encouragement to all our graduates long after they have left the School and embarked on their own careers.


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