Inchbald, at the forefront of Garden Design 2017

Inchbald students, both past and present are at the forefront of Garden Design in 2017

2017 started with great excitement at the Society of Garden Designers Awards.  Inchbald graduate Dan Lobb won the two awards; Judges choice and Designing for Community Space with his project Breaker’s Yard. The judges said it was “An intriguing space. Fantastic design that has been very well handled. Characterful touches that really engage the community”.  Dan then went on to win the coveted Paper Landscape Award for his design Wishhanger.  The judges commented “A design that seamlessly blends the landscape with the architecture in a sensitive very beautiful way.  An extremely accomplished piece of work that shows great sensitivity to the landscape.”

Daniel Lobb’s Breaker’s Yard at Sutton House

The SGD also awarded John Brookes MBE The SGD Special Award for the Society’s most inspiration Fellows, a special Award at the SGD Awards Ceremony for his contribution to the industry.  John was a pioneering Director of the garden school in the early seventies and still has very strong links to the faculty.

Sophie Walker who graduated from Inchbald less than three years ago has teamed up with Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid Architects to submit an exciting competition entry to design The Holocaust Memorial in the shadow of The Palace of Westminster.  Her design is currently on show at Number 10 Downing Street.

“Our project, for the Holocaust Memorial in London, starts with a Memorial Grove of Cypress trees that lead to the National Monument, which is an abstracted form in the shape of a vast rock or meteorite. It sits half buried in the site and is to be viewed from an underground gallery or memorial hall, in which the object hovers above the viewer with a looming presence.

Also at this level, the exhibition space and the other public amenities can be accessed. Above ground the memorial can be entered through an opening in the form. It leads to an inner chamber, which is a perfect sphere. This is intended as a space of contemplation and it is our intention that it should be silent and at a low luminosity.

Meteorites, mountains and stones are often at the center if places of re ection, especially in the Jewish tradition. They call on the vastness of nature to be a witness to our humanity.

A memorial to the Holocaust must be contemplative and silent, such that it evokes our empathy. It must be a promise to future generations that this terrible chapter in human history can never occur again.”  

–       Anish Kapoor

You can see Dan Lobbs work at and check out Sophie Walkers competition entry here


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