Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Design Your Own Garden Evening Class

Dates:  28 Sept 2017 – 25 January 2018

Length: 12 weeks

Delivery: Thursday evening 6-8pm

Course Director: Andrew Duff MA PGCE MSGD

Location: 32 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PB

Course Administrator: Sharon Booth,, Tel: 020 7630 9011

Fee: £1,000 inc VAT.

Design Your Own Garden – course objectives

Through the course you will

  • To take you through the design process step by step in relation to your own scheme and inspire ideas.
  • To develop through discussion and by working on your design a sense of spatial awareness, which will help create the skills needed to realise your garden brief.
  • To provide the skills needed to select appropriate hard landscaping materials, planting, ornamentation and furnishing.

Design Your Own Garden – course contents

Creating your brief

Discussing your requirements, likes and dislikes to produce a visual brief, which we can work with throughout the design process to produce a usable garden design.

Taking a survey

Having established your brief you need to learn the skills necessary to complete an accurate survey, which can then be translated into a workable scale drawing.  Students would be expected to carry out a survey and gather photographs of their chosen site as homework and present to the group.

Site analysis and appraisal

Once the survey is complete we can together start to think about what you would like to keep and or remove from the existing site.  We need to discus the garden’s good and bad attributes and produce a site analysis and appraisal drawing based upon your survey drawing.

Design process

Armed with your brief, survey and site analysis we can now start to work through the design process.  Basic design principles are investigated together with the various ways to start a design.  Sources of design inspiration are explored to produce an original garden.

Basic drawing and presentation skills

Throughout the course basic drawing and presentation skills will be developed to enable you to communicate visually.  Your aim is to produce a workable master plan that will convey your design thoughts to a contractor.

Hard and soft landscape selection

As we begin to finalise your design you will start to look at what hard landscaping would be appropriate to your design and where they can be sourced.  Plant selection will be introduced to form plant associations, which enhance your garden.

Design Your Own Garden – course entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.


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