Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Alan Hughes MA

Principal and Director of the Interior Design Faculty

Principal, Alan Hughes joined Inchbald in 1991 as the Director of Visual Communication, he was appointed Director of the Architectural Interior Design Faculty in 2000 and Vice Principal in 2002.

Alan’s professional experience includes the design of retail spaces and exhibitions and among his clients are such luminaries as Tate in the North, the Prado and the Uffizi Gallery.  In addition he is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator, has worked for a number of publishing houses and magazines and has turned his attention and skills to the design of ceramics, jewellery and fabrics.

An outstanding teacher, he spent five years as a Tutor at Middlesex University before he joined Inchbald, where his extensive expertise has invigorated the development of the curriculum to include Post Graduate and Masters programmes.  He has also served as an External Examiner for the Universities of Wales and Derby.

His in depth experience of education at Higher and University level qualifies him to make a very real contribution in his capacity as a Member of the Educational Committee of the British Institute of Interior Design.

Alan has a degree in Visual Communications and an MA in Interior Design and Architecture, submitting a thesis discussing the sensory perception of space.  His particular areas of specialisation are the principles and philosophy of Interior Design and his exceptional skills include drawing and graphic design.

Alan Hughes’ book, “Interior Design Drawing” was published in 2009.



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