Easter Activity: Gardening With The Children

Easter is great time to get out into the garden but remember it isn’t just the adults who can help, involve the children!

Create a composter…

As the buds are bursting with new foliage start to clear the old leaves, which have covered the ground from winter.  If you have room start a leaf composter, this is a good way to return the goodness back to the soil and the kids can learn too.

Check out this one on Eco Friendly Kids

The main event – Easter Egg Hunt…

The Easter egg hunt is a clever way of getting all the family outdoors in spring.  Remember hide them well, think about giving them clues to their whereabouts.  Use plants as clues for example the egg is in amongst the daffodils or hanging from the rustling bamboo, this helps to nurture an early appreciation of nature embedding a natural respect for the environment.

Getting your hands dirty…

Children love digging – a quick trip to the local garden centre to stock up on some early summer blooms will allow the kids to interact with the garden.  A trick is to buy small and watch them grow.  This will encourage the children to nurture.  Get them to measure the plants once planted and keep a record of their growth.  Give them their own plot they will learn the hard way that plants need care in order to flourish and it also gives them a sense of ownership.

Children love digging in the garden

Look out for dead growth, as plants awake from their winter slumber it is easy to spot those areas which need pruning away.  Remember to edit rather than prune, you want to retain a more natural look rather than conform to a ball shape.  The current trend, seen in the upcoming Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show gardens, is for a more informal approach to gardening so relax and enjoy Easter.