Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Diploma Garden Design

Dates: Sept 2018 – July 2019

Length: 1 year in 3 terms

Course Director: Andrew Duff MA PGCE MSGD

Location: 32 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PB

Course Administrator: Sharon Booth,, Tel: 020 7630 9011

Fee: £23,633.00  inc VAT.   An Instalment Plan is available, please ask the Course Administrator.

Diploma Garden Design – course objectives

Through the course you will

  • develop your understanding of design as it relates to the garden
  • develop spatial awareness, the capability to organise space with a knowledge and understanding of ergonomics
  • evaluate site and functional constraints and evolve design solutions through critical analysis and research
  • develop understanding of and capability in hard and soft landscape design.

Diploma Garden Design – course contents

You will develop skills in six key modules:


You will practise the principles of design theory in a range of garden design projects involving live clients and sites. Through studio teaching around your projects you explore and examine the relationships between functional, decorative and site-specific design factors, developing your understanding of the design process and its implementation and using critical analysis to review your project work.

Design analysis

This module encourages you to develop spatial appreciation and the investigation of a garden site in terms of its current and proposed uses and its relationship to the wider environment. Design analysis also facilitates design development. Using diagrammatic assessments of the site together with survey analysis, circulation and ergonomics, you will explore alternative design solutions before choosing the best one and moving on to the design stage.


The concentration on graphic communication skills provides a solid preparation for professional practice in garden design. An intensive examination of drawing principles and techniques, including orthographic projection, axonometric and perspective drawing, collage, montage, model making and colour rendering, enables you to establish a high level of confidence and skill in both technical and expressive modes. You will explore both manual and computer-generated communication and presentation skills. Guided by tutorial support you can experiment in your project work to find your own means of communicating at a professional standard.


Through a research project and supported by lectures you will explore the plant kingdom in microcosm developing awareness of the design application of plants, seeing them as three dimensional masses rather than horticultural treasures. Your planting design investigations are reinforced by site visits, models, sketches and sequential design studies. You will also examine the psychological aspects of planting design, looking specifically at your responses to chosen garden environments and locations.


In this module you investigate the artistic, decorative, technical and practical aspects of hard landscape construction through research and supporting lectures. In major design projects you further develop a problem-solving approach through the exploration of construction techniques, technical requirements and the use of functionally appropriate materials and fixings.


In this module of the course you develop a range of business skills related specifically targeted to the practice of garden design, in preparation for professional practice as a self-employed garden designer.

Diploma Garden Design – course entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, although you will need to show a commitment to the heavy workload and the maturity to contribute to the course group.

All teaching and lectures are conducted in English and the following criteria may be required if English is not your first language: IELTS 5.5 (with no individual element below 5.0).

If you are interested in the Diploma HE Garden Design course, please contact the Course Administrator to arrange an interview with the Course Director.

You may also like to consider the Postgraduate Diploma and MA in Garden Design courses.


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