House & Garden party for Editor Sue Crewe

House & Garden threw a spectacular party at Fulham Palace on 22nd September to celebrate the hugely successful reign of editor Sue Crewe over the philosophy and style of the magazine. The Design World of London was there to celebrate with them and to wish Sue a retirement as successful as her to-date amazing career.

Jacqueline Duncan attended and saw a number of old and new friends drinking champagne in the Palace gardens, among them the irrepressible Tim Gosling, currently rehearsing for Peter Pan and the Designers of the Caribbean which is now virtually sold out.

Chester Jones, author of a recent book about his elegant work, was there. Andrew Lawson and Jerry Harpur, the two leading photographers were discussing the challenges presented by their extensive archives, and Jacqueline was also pleased to see brilliant John Pawson, who married Inchbald graduate, Catherine.

It was a wonderful celebration and guests were still arriving at 8pm, carriages at 9pm if they could squeeze down the Palace lane.

Note – Peter Pan and the Designers of the Caribbean is the current play which is put on every three years by a dedicated group of Interior designers/actors to raise money for charity. This year’s play is on at the Bloomsbury Theatre, 28 October-1 November, in aid of NSPCC. Our own Nico Springman is taking part.

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