Introductory course to Interior Design and Decoration

We are delighted to announce the Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration from Tuesday 7 – Friday 10 June 2016.

This course addresses the skills of interior design and decoration through the study of a project. This will be ‘A Singular Space’, briefed as an exhibition room set, which will give the student leeway for ideas that embrace fashion as well as practical considerations. Students will learn to analyse the space in terms of client requirements, develop their own designs within these parameters and finally to implement their proposals for the eventual solution. Learning is delivered through lectures, workshops, discussions and project work and students produce boards and visuals to illustrate their design and their choices of furniture and finishes.

Led by Alan Hughes, Principal and Piers Northam, Assistant Director and guest tutors, this course will give you an introduction into the life of an interior designer/decorator.

For more information please click here.

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