Saar Scholtes working with sculptor Giles Rayner at RHS Chelsea 2016

Current Garden Design Diploma student, Saar Scholtes was selected by sculptor Giles Raynor to design the garden showcasing his sculpture at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. This fantastic opportunity for Saar to launch her design career arose from a Diploma Course design project, which, as is the case with all our projects, was real.
Saar Scholtes
The Design – The design will place the three copper fountain sculptures in a unique, clean and photographic setting. The concept is simple and strong, copper water sculptures set in a sea of green. The waves will be made with clipped Ilex Crenata on a multi leveled frame. Using only green against a backdrop of dark grey concrete walls will enhance the copper shine and draw the visitor’s eye to the three focal points. A simple celebration of form, texture and colour!
Chelsea process 2016
Inchbald continues to find and develop talented individuals who pioneer the future of garden design!

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