Save the Date – Inchbald Student Exhibition

Here is the open invite to the 2017 Inchbald Student Exhibition.

Please come along to see what can be achieved in one year at Inchbald School of Design!

“The Inchbald Exhibition is a display of well trained talent which will take our students to the top of their profession. Are you looking for a young designer? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet one on the 11th July.”

Jacqueline Duncan OBE, Dean

“From a Wiltshire vicarage to the refit of a WWII bunker, from new ideas for the the ‘German Gymnasium’ restaurant to Safari Lodge in South Africa, join us for an individual approach to Architectural Interior Design.”

Alan Hughes, Principal

“This year our students have chosen some spectacular projects for their Exhibition including an island on Berlin’s River Havel which is transformed into a landscaped gallery demonstrating “Light Art” whilst Lake Garda provides the backdrop to an hotel garden with lawns spilling down to the water-front. Also featured at the Exhibition is the re-design of a Grade 1 Cotswold landscape, creating a new balance between existing structure and a simplified contemporary layout.”

Andrew Duff, Managing Director

As always, our students have benefited from a wide range of knowledgable tutors and the mentoring of renowned designers Marcus Barnett, John Brooke OBE, Charlotte Rowe, Dan Lobb, Emma Mazzullo, Angus Thompson and Del Buono Gazerwitz.’

Marcus Green, Senior Tutor