Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Overseas Courses

Inchbald has extended its professional educational services overseas to Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia


Future Training Institute of Higher Education has been recognised by the Inchbald School of Design since 1993.

The programmes are all conducted in accordance with Inchbald’s educational principles, and the modules are subject to Inchbald’s supervision.

In 2005 the Institute became an official Associate of the Inchbald School, and now offers Inchbald’s Part-time 3 year Online Diploma in Design and Decoration. This exceptional programmme equips the students with all the skills necessary for the profession of Interior Design and Decoration, and includes extensive instruction in the CAD programmes so very necessary for the working designer.


In 2014 the Future Institute Diploma programme was re-named the Architectural Interior Design Diploma. This intensive schedule explores the creative process of Interior Design from architectural alteration to materials and furnishings, and includes the latest technological innovations so that graduating students will be proficient in the profession of both domestic and commercial designs and presentations.

ESS_0424The Institute has now signed an Articulation with Heriot Watt University, Dubai Campus, in order that graduates who have completed the Inchbald programme successfully can join Heriot Watt at Year Three in Design and so attain their Bachelor of Arts qualification in Interior Design.

This has encouraged many more candidates to apply for the Future Institute’s registration.

I met Mrs Jacqueline Duncan in August 1993 at her London office, and we immediately found we had a great deal in common. I loved her admiration for the Arab world and her belief in the empowerment of women, a belief which of course I share. I was then a newly graduated Arab lady who sought, and still seeks, to bring the West and East together. She gave me so much encouragement to pursue plans which were then dreams, now realised in the success of my Institute. She shares my wish to see Saudi women progress, and become partners in the workforce, fulfilling their own dreams and ambitions.

Mrs Duncan remains an inspiration.

Mrs Rajaa Moumena


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