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Birds still flying at the Tryon Gallery

Birding and Sporting Art: 21st Century Update

On June 22nd I was invited to the Rountree Tryon Gallery for the Charles Stanley Summer party.   I hadn’t been to the Gallery for many years, perhaps when Aylmer was still alive; the collection has widened a bit since his inspired limitation of subject to sporting and wildlife.

My particular interest is in bird painters and I found an enchanting little Thorburn in the back of the gallery, featuring ducks. I note from the website that they have number of distinguished bird painters in their collection.   I am personally interested in Harry Bright, a 19th century illustrator whose bird paintings I have collected for several years.   In my view, he is as good as Thorburn where the subject is similar, in some respects better, but I am not aware he ever took an interest in sporting subjects.   It is in this respect of course that Thorburn so engaged his English public and his popularity has still not waned.

Mallard – Archibald Thorburn (1932)

Aylmer Tryon was as active in his sporting life as he was in his chosen profession and I believe he was responsible for the group who inaugurated the English interest in the River Hofsa in Iceland.

I once spent a very happy week there with friends in the late summer.   The river was as seductive as are all rivers, but allied to the flat landscape, the breadth of the sky and the birds, so unused to human presence that they lacked any fear, I found something very special about Iceland.   And we did catch fish!

The ducks remain in their gallery – Thorburn’s popularity has become exceedingly expensive, but it was a lovely party.

Jacqueline Duncan, Dean

Inchbald Seoul

Inchbald launches a new garden design school in Korea – Inchbald Seoul

Inchbald was founded to provide professional education for aspiring interior designers. With a great personal interest in gardens and landscaping, founder Jacqueline Duncan extended the programmes to include the study of Garden Design and our graduates have gone on to spectacular careers.

Inchbald has always attracted an international student body, which in itself offers greater diversity to those studying here, and in 1992 Inchbald was approached with a view to establishing a link with a school in Jeddah in order to start an Interior Design department. The Future Centre (Jeddah) is now a well established success.

Inchbald is now collaborating with Master of Arts in Garden Design graduate Young Ok Kim to start a Garden Design School in Seoul, a challenge which is most exciting and which we are sure will prove to be just as popular and successful as the Jeddah establishment.

Inchbald Seoul is launching its first course, a six month Diploma, on 12th May 2017.

For further information please see below:-

Tel:  + 82-2-722-1121
Email:   inchbaldseoul@naver.com
Website:   Inchbaldseoul.com
Blog:   blog.naver.com/inchbaldseoul