Introductory Course in Interior Design and Decoration, 21 - 24 May 2018

Television Presenter

James Alexander-Sinclair – Graduated 1984

Having ‘accidentally’ become a landscape contractor in London, James spent eight years turfing, laying slabs, erecting fences etc. He then studied with the Inchbald in 1984 and by 1992 had left London to live in Northamptonshire and focus on designing as opposed to the manual input!

His enthusiasm for his field of work, is summarised perfectly on his website “I do it because I have an urge to leave the bits of the world upon which I am let loose a little more beautiful than they were before I arrived”. This passion combined with his experience and poetic turn of phrase made it fairly obvious that he would turn his hand to writing. A natural progression from this has been forays into presenting, which he says,

“… also involves a fair bit of energetic showing off and, as such, is something I find most enjoyable. My first taste was at the hands of Linda Parkhurst who came to film me and my chickens before the Chelsea Flower show 1999. She then found me my first job and since then it has trickled in every so often.”

A look at his television credits illustrate that far from showing off, he is being rather humble as his work can be described as more than just a ‘trickle’.


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