Complimentary Garden Design Day

Why not explore a new career with the Complimentary Garden Design Day at Inchbald?

Here at Inchbald we understand the hesitation felt by those embarking on a new career and how the move into such a creative profession is bound to intensify these feelings.

As there are so many mixed messages about who and what comprises a garden designer, the School provides the opportunity to spend a day at Inchbald, in order to experience what it is like to study with us, giving you the opportunity to explore not only the reality but the possibilities.

Led by Faculty Director, Andrew Duff, and Senior Tutor, Marcus Green, this Garden Design Day gives an insight into the life of a garden designer with a look at current projects and, more importantly, demonstrates the design process and how it leads to results.

Following a sandwich lunch, Andrew and Marcus will then begin to teach you to see things differently, and actually start to look!

If you are thinking about training to be a garden designer, then this informal day allows you to ask questions and discuss this most rewarding career.

Please complete the short form below, so your name can be added to the next Complimentary Garden Design Day, held at the Eccleston Square campus.