Rob Taher and Asmaa Georgiou

Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Rob and Asmaa founded Studio Tag after careers in law and finance respectively. They met at Inchbald, where an opportunity to work together on a project in their spare time resulted in them conceiving their business plan for Studio Tag. The studio is known for creating beautiful spaces that perfectly suit the clients' needs featuring bold designs and elegant proportions

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“The Inchbald provided us with the opportunity to turn our lifelong passion into an actual career. What’s great about the college is that we were tutored by working designers there’s a level of professionalism that helped us hone our skills as emerging designers. Without it, we wouldn’t have met and Studio TAG wouldn’t have come about. To anyone considering a future in design, the Inchbald has solid connections in the industry and are well respected so we are grateful to have had it as our launchpad into the profession. The environment was incredibly positive too. As students we all helped one another and encouraged each other to push beyond our boundaries, giving each other ideas and giving valuable critique. We are still in touch with members of our cohort and love supporting their progress too.We want to grow steadily as a brand and be known for good design with a sense of fun, and that’s something that our tutors at the Inchbald really excelled at-allowing our individuality to shine through."

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