Big Success Story

By Incbald School,Inchbald Alumni,December 31, 2018

By Alan Hughes, Principal.

When Principal Alan Hughes interviewed Ziad Alonaizy in 2014 he was startled to be informed that the prospective student was an orthopaedic surgeon. It was a most unusual background, but Inchbald is well known for change of career applicants and an urge to re-arrange a patient for the patient’s benefit does perhaps indicate a desire to improve, a fundamental attitude of designers.

So Ziad joined Inchbald, became student rep, graduated with Distinction and the Finchatton prize and is referred to by the School Secretary as ‘the shining light’!  

Since Inchbald, Ziad has worked for distinguished Inchbald graduate and well known designer Stephen Ryan and has designed his own range of furniture which he put on display at Decorex this year, with great success. In addition, he is presently engaged in the design of a house in Portugal, a Hotel in Oxfordshire, and a penthouse in Paris. Not surprisingly he is short of sleep but he is certainly not losing sleep over the progress of his career.

When he joined Inchbald he was aware that his life was taking a dramatic turn; it was a very brave decision to return to school but he took it with confidence and his courage has been justified. In his second career, he is embarking on a big adventure and we at Inchbald have no doubt that his name will resonate in the world of interior design.