What it is like to be a full time student at Inchbald?

The full-time experience at Inchbald School of Design is fully immersive. As soon as you enter the school you are classed as a designer, embarking on a challenging journey involving you in practical studio work and academic studies. Your tutors will be on hand at all times to guide, support, and advise you in your progress.

  • You will be taught and tutored for four days during the week with one day of self-directed study. If you wish to work in a studio or in the library on a study day you are of course welcome to do so.
  • You will be taught the principles of basic design and at the same time, you will explore an exciting range of design projects which will become both more complicated and more realistic throughout the progress of the year’s studies. Site visits, both architectural and garden are regular features and both buildings are within minutes of the inspirational Museums and Exhibition Centre of central London.

The Inchbald School of Design is a small college in the private sector with two dedicated faculties, Interior Design and Garden Design. In-house students number no more than a hundred students at any one time.

This relatively small student body, allied to intensive programmes delivered at a ratio of eight students to one tutor means that Inchbald retains a very personal and social climate which by definition prioritises individual talents and individual characteristics. Here we all know each other well; long-term friendships, and often long-term collaborations, are formed and the Inchbald management remains interested in and supportive of graduates careers and their later progress.