An exciting part of any course at Inchbald is discovering the professional relevance of what you are learning, looking forward to a time when your hard-earned design skills can be applied to the world of work. Inchbald, as a school that has always championed the professionalism of design, has a long a fruitful connection with many of the leading interior and garden design studios.

Making connections with studios is best facilitated through the School and Course Directors, Alan Hughes and Andrew Duff oversee this particular aspect of the tuition. They are supported by Senior staff Tony Taliadoros and Piers Northam, Marcus Green and Liz Rawlinson and as such provide the broadest spread of experience across the residential and commercial design fields.

Work Observation

Work observation is a voluntary element of the courses at Inchbald and is usually programmed for the Easter break, (or immediately following graduation from the part time or shorter courses). By this stage, the students on year based courses have acquired enough skills to be useful to a studio. However, the main reason to undertake work observation is simply to see how a design studio runs. Generally, the observation is based on one or two weeks spent at one of the studios who agree to take our students. Inchbald regularly places students with practices that feature in the House and Garden top 100 designers. We have also organised internships at design magazines and more specialised design studios, i.e. lighting, fabric and furniture.


Internships have been a feature of the design profession for some years now and can run from one to three months. Internships are therefore possible only after graduation from a course and are usually at the invitation of the design studio having seen a student’s work at the annual exhibition which is held in July. The exception to this is when a student has been particularly well received on work observation and is then subsequently invited back to intern with the possibility of employment. Not all internships lead to employment and students must be aware of this fact. Some studios pay expenses or a small fee to the internee others do not.

Please refer to industry partners and alumni for information about studios Inchbald are in contact with. Course directors are happy to approach other designers with whom you may be interested in interning or observing.