The Inchbald New Year

By Incbald School,Design Education,August 17, 2018

By Jacqueline Duncan OBE, Dean & Founder.

The 2017/18 intake have taken their exams, exhibited their work and are now out in the workplace, and here at Inchbald, we are looking forward to welcoming our new students.

The Inchbald new year starts on September 10th, and we have programmes varying from a Three Month Course right through to BA, PG Dip and the Master’s qualification. Sometimes it is suggested that training in a studio or office can be just as rewarding as studying in a disciplined Academy like Inchbald. From personal experience, I beg to differ.

“The reason I founded Inchbald in 1960 was because I wanted the benefit of carefully programmed and supervised training and I could find nothing in the UK that offered such opportunity.”   

I had already spent a lot of time in a studio, as well as dealing in antiques and supervising the decoration of clients projects and I had decided it just wasn’t good enough. Further I took the view that the American design world was a long way ahead of the UK which was still reeling from the effects of World War 11  so I took the standards of Parsons/New York as my aim, prepared a programme on a need-to-know basis and opened Inchbald  Since that date I have learnt a great deal more than I ever anticipated.

Now there are amazing international Inchbald designers throughout the world of Interiors and Gardens who have gone through the School and achieved their ambitions most spectacularly.

Every intake at Inchbald comes to us ambitious, focused, perhaps apprehensive but nevertheless determined to create their own success with the tools we can offer.

Every intake at Inchbald is a treasure trove of talent and now we are looking forward to another New Year.