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Attendance Policy and Procedure

This Attendance Policy will be reviewed annually by the Management Committee. Any amendments require the approval of our Board of Directors.

Introduction and Scope

1.1 Inchbald recognises that monitoring attendance is an active part of student support, encouraging engagement, learning and helping to avoid academic risk and as such is in place to encourage student success.

1.2 This policy aims to facilitate an anticipatory approach to academic risk to support students and to that end, this Attendance Policy applies to all students at the Inchbald School ofDesign including those on partner validated courses.

1.3 Good attendance and engagement is also a requirement of Inchbald's academic validating partner, certain associated Professional Bodies, UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration department) and financial and funding bodies such as Student Finance England.

1.4 Any sanctions in place for poor or non-attendance will be applied fairly and consistently across all courses. However, for students studying in the UK under UKVI arrangements (visa) sanctions could invoke withdrawal of sponsorship and/or cancellation of a visa resulting in the requirement for a student to return to their home country.

1.5 The School recognises the importance of this policy in regard to those enrolled via theStudent Route/ Visa conditions and its legal obligation to report non-attending students toUKVI should non-attendance exceed 10 consecutive contacts.

1.6 The Schoolalso recognises that non-attendance may also require the immediate repaymentof loans and grants awarded to a student from public funds (Student Finance England) and may terminate studies for any student who persistently fails to attend or perform the required course work for which they are registered.

1.7 It should be noted that Inchbald delivers validated undergraduateand postgraduate degrees which are developed and taught by Inchbald but validated by our academic partner. That academic partner being Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU). A student enrolled on these courses may be subject to furtherWGU regulations affecting this policy.

1.8 The School's Audit Committee with reference to the Academic Board is responsible for ensuring that the information and any advice or guidance applicable to this policy is clear, current and accurate.

Policy Statement and procedures

2.1 Students who enrol on a course at Inchbald will be expected to undertake the course with the full intention of attaining the qualification.

2.2 It is the student's responsibility to report any changes of circumstances that may impact attendance. Any failure to do so may result in an exclusion from a course, this is particularly relevant for those studying on a VISA and therefore subject to the Student Route / UKVI regulations. Students permitted to study in the UK via UKVI should consult the add relevant website.

2.3 The School determines the contact it monitors but students will normally be requiredattend ALL scheduled learning associated with their course including but not limited to, lectures, studio,tutorials,studio round table,assessment and presentation sessions.

2.4 Students who qualify for work observation and placements are expected to attend as per the arrangements made between the Inchbald and the professional mentor/studio.

2.5 Attendance on trips and visits will be monitored.

2.6 Unsatisfactory attendance is identified as failure to attend any sessions regularly without a satisfactory reason of which the tutor has been informed in advance or as soon after themissed session as possible

2.7 An approved absence must be requested in advance, detailed on the Absence Requestform and signed by a senior staff member for Course Directorapproval.

2.8 If an approved absence invokes Extenuating Circumstances this will be considered withinthe definition of EC's as detailed in the student handbook

Implementation and Monitoring

3.1 The implementation of this policy is managed via school and faculty strategies which are designed to be easily adhered to.

3.2 All students are required to sign in and out of the School for the morning session and again for the afternoon session. The register is located in reception and will be monitored by the School secretaries. The register will be checked after start of class in both sessions and student absence or late arrival will be noted. Inchbald is a small enough institution to monitor day to day attendance in this manner.

3.3 All students must adhere to attendance monitoring and as such ensure that theirattendance has been noted for in house and external activities such as visits.

3.4 Information from the register will be recorded to allow for the collation of attendance datafor each student. All HE institutions are required to produce attendance and engagementrecords as part of their remit to the Office for Students and UKVI.

3.5 Academic staff are to ensure that attendance is monitored at the sessions they teach supported by administrative personnel who are required to inform and update staff on any incomplete or inaccurate recording of attendance.

3.6 Staff, academic and administrative, will review attendance regularly, across a module ordefined teaching session or project and flag up any student they identify as a cause forconcern. This is defined as,

  • Attendance / engagement falls below expected levels,
  • Conditions and / or submission are regularly not met or are late. (this may be the case for example when a student is re-submitting work or repeating assignments)

3.7 Students will be contacted via the following sequence.

Stage 1. Administrative staff will notify a student if attendance is giving cause for concern. This would be identified by a repeated absence but across less than 10 teaching sessions. They will be required to attend a meeting with a member of staff responsible for teaching within the module/session that they have failed to fully attend. This discussion will concern identifying thecause for non-attendance.At this stage Inchbald would be looking to support the student to rectifythis issue.

Stage 2. If there is no improvement to attendance and engagement, teaching and/or administrative staff will convene a meeting to determine the reasons behind this and set up a strategy to:

Set targets to help students complete work outstanding

Schedule regular meetings to supportascheduleof support measures

Examine other non-academic issues that may be affecting performance

Stage 3.If no action has been taken by the student or there is no improvement after stage 2 (judging the success of stage 2 will depend on the particular strategies put in place) then a meeting chaired by the Course Director will be arranged. The following will be required to attend or in the case of the studio tutor submit notes concerning the student's performance,

Course Director / Chair (an Assistant Director can deputise)

Studio tutor, current to the module in question

Admissions secretary

The Student

The purpose of this meeting would be to draw up a further strategy of support but on the understanding that failure to take advantage of this strategy could end with the student being asked to withdraw.This meeting may instigate the following steps, this is not an exhaustive list,

Setting a specific timetable for the completion of outstanding work,

The repeat of a module or semester,

Transfer to another course and/or potentially part time study.

Students would need to be made aware that they can be advisedand/or required to leave a course ifstage 3 is unsuccessful.

In this instance the School will have fulfilled their obligation to offer the student every reasonable assistance and may feel that the student does not have sufficient time or has acquired sufficient skill to complete the course. As such the student will be asked to withdraw.

In the case of application of Extenuating Circumstances to any of the above stages please refer tothe Student Handbook for the course.

For information and procedures in regard to fees, outstanding or already paid, please refer to the Financial Policy published on our website.

3.8 Note on students attending following Student route / UKVI regulations.

Students following UKVI regulations who have missed 10 consecutive contacts or sessions will automatically be referred to the UKVI. This is a requirement of the UKVI and failure by the institutionto do so may jeopardise their ability to sponsor visa students in the future. Referral to UKVI may result in the cancellation of the visa and therefore termination of the course of study. Students would then be required to return to their country of origin.

Responsible Parties

4.1 The Academic Board will be responsible for the content of the Attendance policy in terms what is deemed required attendance, extenuating circumstancesand academic performance.

4.2 The Audit committee will be responsible for ensuring that all published material is accurate andappliesacross the school.

4.3 The Management committee will be responsible for reviewing this Policy annually.

4.4 The Board of Directors will need to approve any changes to this policy before coming into force.

Reference Points


  • StudentHandbook
  • Financial Policy
  • Terms and Conditions


  • Wrexham Glyndwr University Policy