The Inchbald Campus

The School is located in two buildings, one at No 7 Eaton Gate in Belgravia, and the other at No 32 Eccleston Square in Victoria.

Both these locations are within minutes of excellent transport facilities at Sloane Square and Victoria and within easy reach of the major London Exhibition locations and Museums.

Both houses were built in the nineteenth century by Thomas Cubitt, who was responsible for the classic stucco mansions that became and remain such a feature of the capital city before the innovations of contemporary architecture. Now, these buildings accommodate our students in studios complete with drawing boards, pin-up space and tables, to provide a learning environment with a maximum of eight students to one member of staff. Studios are rotated during the academic year, allowing students to benefit from different groups and a different environment.

A fully equipped lecture room lies at the heart of each house enabling students to come together for tutorials and guest lectures which are not only visual but discussion led.

Garden Design students will be delighted with the fact that Eccleston Square gardens are one of the finest in the capital, planned by leading plantsman Roger Phillips and perfect for Plant Identification, initial exercises in marking out real-size designs and, when the sun shines, a welcome venue for a picnic lunch

Both houses have a library facility, the major one in Eccleston Square where students may read or use the computers, photocopying facilities. There is also a plotter for large format drawings.

Studying together in the Community

Being part of a group provides the stimulation of shared ideas and the benefit of mutual inspiration. At Inchbald we encourage group discussion around the drawing board, whether the design is going well or faltering. We also introduce group projects to encourage collaboration with others, thus replicating the teamwork that is a priority in professional studios. This teaching method will highlight strengths on which you can build and weaknesses that require closer study.

We are proud of our community of students and do everything in our power to nurture both their talents and their well being. We believe that this approach will allow them to relax and thus develop their full potential.

We are also proud of the fact that our School community is multi-national and multicultural. This diversity provides a variety of different perspectives and inspiration so that once graduated your design practice can take you all over the world.

Studying at Home

Students on all programmes will be expected to work at home but you will have clear guidance as to how much homework is required and the time it is likely to involve. In the workplace, there are deadlines to be met and so we put a limit on the amount of work you do off campus.  Inchbald students tend to become obsessed with their design, which is a wonderful problem, but discipline is vital in the professional world.

If a design is going well you can be up all night and if a design is going badly you can be up all night and neither scenario is good!

Learning on Group Visits

Throughout the course you will join in group visits to experience everything from architectural spaces to distinguished gardens, to look at furniture and furnishings, to consider the myriads of plant forms and textures and most importantly to see and experience how a space of any kind actually works – or doesn’t.

These visits can include exhibitions to look at the design process, to a gallery for visual inspiration or a traditional garden setting to remind you of the traditions of the design process.