Inchbald Online

Inchbald offers online interior design courses and online garden design courses through Inchbald Online. This is a flexible alternative for anyone who is unable to attend Inchbald’s intensive in-house courses in London or who wishes to study part-time, from home.

Our online courses include three-month short courses and one-year to three-year Diploma courses. They each follow the Inchbald tradition for excellence and professionalism. Click on the link below to find out more about our courses.

The unique features of our online interior design courses and online garden design courses make them superior to conventional distance learning, correspondence or home-study courses. When you join an Inchbald Online course you join a small class with other students. You follow a course timetable and develop close working relationships with your tutors and fellow students. Crucial to all of our online courses is the regular feedback and advice from tutors on your weekly work assignments. You set up your design studio at home and have 24/7 access to your class through your bespoke course website.

Through discussion forums online, you share ideas and observations with fellow students and your tutors. This stimulates and informs your design education, and this contact with others who are studying the same course at the same time helps to sustain you. The course schedule sets a dynamic pace allowing you to see progress, and establishes a valuable professional ethos, in which you are expected to meet deadlines and commitments. Most importantly, your tutors are personally interested in your progress and development and give you regular and frequent guidance and feedback on your work.