Inchbald: A World Leader

Whatever the discipline and duration of the course Inchbald’s commitment is to discover and explore the individual talents of each student and provide a broad approach to how these can be developed and communicated in a professional manner. Collaboration with a university partner allows for the acquisition of internationally recognised credits creating an academic relevance to Inchbald courses that balances the excellent professional standing the School has enjoyed since 1960.

The results of this individual and vocational approach to teaching is very much in evidence at the Annual Student Exhibition held in July. This event gives potential students an opportunity to see the output from graduates and to assess Inchbald’s methods and values directly through talking to the graduates and their tutors. The exhibition introduces students to the professionals propelling them into the world of work, safe in the knowledge that Inchbald is there to support them throughout their working lives.

Inchbald enjoys a close relationship with both the profession and the allied trades and has a very strong track record regarding the establishment of students in their careers once they have completed their studies.  Distinguished alumni include revered professional names such as Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Stephen Ryan, Christophe Gollut, Staffan Tollgård, Nina Campbell, Zeynep Fadillioglu, Luciano Giubbilei, Jonathan Craggs, Philip Nixon and Marcus Barnett.