What it is like to be an Online student at Inchbald?

We like to think that there is a course at Inchbald to suit every applicant and with this in mind we established the Online programmes, to cater for students unable to attend in-house because of geographical, financial or time-related circumstances. This course has also proved popular with students in employment, whether part or full time or who have family commitments which make attendance at the School difficult.

Inchbald Online is unlike any other mode of online study. It is not simply a distance learning course but a replication of how we teach in-house students in our London campuses. The courses are strictly timetabled and have scheduled handouts throughout the term. Teaching is arranged in small groups led by a specialist and dedicated online tutor and the work is posted online in forums, allowing for free transit of discussion.

The programme is split in to and at the end of each one module there is a comprehensive professional project relevant to the specific content. The student will receive both detailed feedback and grades for the work involved. At the beginning of an Online course, you attend an induction session which lasts for three days, providing a perfect opportunity to meet staff and fellow students with whom you will be working on the course. Those who cannot attend the session can access all the information online

The Inchbald School of Design is a small college in the private sector with two dedicated faculties, Interior Design and Garden Design. In-house students number no more than a hundred students at any one time.

This relatively small student body, allied to intensive programmes delivered at a ratio of eight students to one tutor means that Inchbald retains a very personal and social climate which by definition prioritises individual talents and individual characteristics. Here we all know each other well; long-term friendships, and often long-term collaborations, are formed and the Inchbald management remains interested in and supportive of graduates careers and their later progress.