Why choose the part time course?

By attending part-time this enables you to gain a professional qualification whilst fitting it around your life.

There are many reasons why you may choose to study part-time at Inchbald, it may be that you are short of time, are already working or have a young family or other time-heavy commitments. There may also be financial reasons why a part-time course is the only option for you enabling you to study at Inchbald on a budget to suit your situation.

There are huge benefits to studying part-time; part-time students tend to be very focused and driven during the period of time they are at the School. This means that you can maximise your studio sessions, organise your time well and manage the amount of homework you might be required to do for the course. A part-time student doesn’t have the luxury of a slower paced full-time course so therefore generally use their studio time to fully benefit.

Another advantage to part-time learning is the ability to fit around any extra work that you might wish to do in your own time, for example reading around a subject, visiting gardens and indeed visiting galleries and exhibitions to gain more inspiration. This is often done in a small group as you get together to explore a wider range of topics around the course you are studying.